Safety First

Safety is paramount at Whenua Iti Outdoors.

Learning through challenge requires us to find the right balance to create the very best experiences while considering and mitigating risk. At Whenua Iti Outdoors we make certain that safety training, robust systems and procedures are our top priority.


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Assessing Risk

The process for assessing risk at Whenua Iti Outdoors is robust and systematic, overseen and managed by our Programme and Safety Manager who has final sign off on all programmes and all client applications.

Industry Qualified Instructors

Our Instructors are industry qualified in a wide range of activities. These qualifications and the skills required are regularly refreshed and revalidated. In addition, all our outdoor adventure staff have (at a minimum) an Advanced First Aid certificate with some holding higher qualifications such as PreHospital Emergency Certification and Wilderness First Aid Responder.

Standard Operating Procedures

Each Activity and each Programme has its own set of Standard Operating Procedures including a robust set of Safety Procedures.  These procedures are audited, internally and externally. The annual external audit is done by Qualworx New Zealand, and we hold certification as a Worksafe Registered Provider of Adventure Activities.

Within the organisation the safety processes are regularly reviewed by Safety Committees at both operational and governance levels.

We Invest In Safety

Whenua Iti Outdoors invests considerable resource into ensuring all programmes are compliant and safe while still maintaining enough adventure, fun and learning opportunities.  We also challenge ourselves to develop systems and processes that put us at the forefront of education in the outdoors, as industry leaders.

Safe & Accredited

Whenua Iti Outdoors is registered with WorkSafe NZ as an Adventure Activity Operator (AAO No. 177) as required by the Adventure Activities Regulations 2011, and is subject to regular external audits as part of the Outdoors Mark audit certification.  The register of adventure activity operators can be found on WorkSafe NZ’s website

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Get our safety documents

We have a comprehensive Safety Management System and supporting documentation.  If you require documentation or further information, specific to your programme at Whenua Iti Outdoors, please contact us.

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