Our Programs

ExpedNZ offers unique Experiential Learning programs tailored to inspire positive change for individuals and groups.

Programs are designed in collaboration with partners and are delivered in the diverse and spectacular environment of Aotearoa -  New Zealand.

Program Themes

These themes are woven seamlessly together throughout our experiential learning programs to maximize the opportunity for personal growth.





Global Citizenship

ExpedNZ programs explore New Zealand life, traditional Māori culture, our approaches to environmental management, our political systems and our economy.  Our programs are tailored to meet the needs of the participants and requested learning objectives.

ExpedNZ programs are designed with a strong focus on:

  • Personal growth and a strong sense of belonging and self through adventure-based learning
  • Experiential Education - learning through action and relfection
  • Cultural Immersion - expand perspectives and world views with unique, authentic and immersive connections with Te Ao Māori - The world of Māori (New Zealands indiginous culture)
  • Global Citzenship - learn about New Zealand culture, political systems and approachs to the environment to gain a wider understanding of the world, in turn discover your place in the world.
  • Environmental Connection - immersive nature experiences that are restorative and inspire restoration of our natural environment.
  • Community & Service Learning - Get involved in local community cultural or conservation focused initiatives that postively impact the places and people you have connected with on your New Zealand journey.

ExpedNZ programs are designed in collaboration with education partners. We work with you to determine the program learning objectives and to create alignment with your curriculum.

Whenua Iti Outdoors, the ExpedNZ parent organisation holds nationally recognised education and safety accreditation and have a 30+ year record of delivering impactful experiential programs in New Zealand.  If you would like to view the programs we offer for New Zealand youth please go to our parent organisation website: www.whenuaiti.org.nz

What is Experiential Learning?

Experiential Learning is the teaching philosphy that underpins ExpedNZ programs. It is our vision to inspire positive change through experiential learning programs.

We create meaningful experiential education programs for young people, using the diverse and inspiring wilderness of New Zealand as a platform.

Welcome to Aotearoa - New Zealand

New Zealand offers a unique and safe platform for authentic and engaging experiential learning programs.

Let your students immerse themselves, learn and expand their horizons in a country and culture of fascinating stories, captivating experiences, and legendary landscapes.